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Things to know on how to get help the quickest way

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Technical support is covered under the maintenance agreement. Every PRO license purchase comes with technical support for the first year. You can learn more about maintenance and ways to renew.

How do I know if I can get technical support?

If your PRO license has active maintenance, you are entitled to technical support. You can check it on your account > licenses tab. See how you are doing on your maintenance package and if it is expired or your account does not belong to a license see how to get a seat or how to renew. If you don't have a PRO license, you can inquire about getting upgraded.  

How to get technical support?

We provide technical support on two channels. Though our ticketing system and our website chat. Both channels are treated the same way, chat doesn’t have any priority over a support ticket it’s just a matter of convenience.

How fast can I expect a reply?

We try to get back to every support request as soon as possible. However with the two support tiers we provide you can expect a reply for up to three business days (Standard Support) or next business day (Priority Support).

Do you provide technical support during trial?

Yes, our goal is to help you be successful using the controls as quickly as possible. We’ll do our best to help during your trial. We can easily spot if you abuse the trial to get support with an expired maintenance. So please, don’t do it!

Here are some tips for a great support experience:

  • Always be logged in with an account that has active maintenance.

  • Provide as much detail around the problem as possible.

  • A link with a live example to illustrate the problem will work magic.

  • Add screenshots, screencasts, mockups or anything that helps better explain what you are looking for.

  • If it’s a bug you encountered, provide as much detail as possible to help us reproduce it in a consistent matter. Things like browser version, OS, and other environment variables help.

For sales, non-technical questions and everything else write to us in the website chat or send an email.

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