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What are the limitations of the Trial?
What are the limitations of the Trial?

The trial comes with limitations when compared to the licensed product

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Always online validation

While the licensed products can be used offline, the trial needs an active connection for validation purposes.

Limited to 10 days

Functionality is limited, and the product will stop working after 10 days.

Why just 10 days?

We offer ten days of free trial with full technical support. During that time you can count on us to help you get up and running. We believe that 10 days are enough to get a taste of Mobiscroll and what we have to offer. We're small and tight team and this is the best way we can server our paying customers and trial users.

If you like what you see, upgrade to the licensed version and let us continue serving you.

Unoptimized files

The files are not optimized for size and load speed. The production ready packages will be smaller in size and will load faster in your app. There will be no latency coming from the trial servers. More info about the download builder available with the licensed version.

Bundled content

Everything is packed into one JS and one CSS file. With a full license, you will be able to customize builds and only include the functionality you need.

Custom themes cannot be used

While you can build custom themes that translate over to the licensed account, you won’t be able to try them locally.

Limited icon usage

The Mobiscroll icon pack builder let's you choose from over 2500 icons from multiple sets and build custom packages with only the ones you will be using. The builder is not available in the trial and only a subset of icons can be used.

ES6 modules won’t work

Because the trial is bundled into a single file, it is not possible to load the resources as separate modules. Full ES6 definitions are available with the Complete license.

The print module and third party calendar integration cannot be used

The print module and third party calendar integration cannot be used with the Trial version. It's only available as an add-on for Scheduling & calendaring and is included with the Complete and Enterprise licenses. This includes print-optimized styling with a convenient print method that can be called on an event calendar instance.

TRIAL caption and non-production usage

TRIAL will show up randomly in the controls and cannot be used in production environments.

Usage limitations

Functionality may be stopped if the trial is abused or there is heavy usage detected.

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