Maintenance explained

Learn about the maintenance agreement and how updates and support is handled.

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What does Maintenance entail?

  • UPDATES to the products you hold a license for. Those can be minor updates with bug fixes or major updates with new fixes. Compatibility fixes with new browser versions, OS updates. We don’t charge extra for updates to a new major release. Everything is covered under the maintenance agreement.

  • SUPPORT including technical support. With an active maintenance on PRO licenses (Framework, Complete and Enterprise) you and your team is entitled to technical support.

  • CHANGES to teams and the licenses. During active maintenance you can do as many changes to the license as you need. You can re-assign it, move developers and update seats.

What is the initial maintenance period?

All licenses come with one year of maintenance included. Updates, technical support (where applicable) and changes to the licenses are covered in the first year.

How can I renew maintenance?

Maintenance can be renewed from the licenses page, inside your account. Renewal before expiry comes with a 40% discount on the full license fee. So if your license is $100, the renewal will cost you $60 and will extend it for another year calculated from the expiration date of the current period. No matter if you renew before it expires, it will always get pushed out from the actual expiration date.

You can also turn "auto renew” on and make sure not to miss out on the renewal discount.

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