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What's the difference between v4 and v5
What's the difference between v4 and v5

Highlighting the differences between Mobiscroll 4 and Mobiscroll 5

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v5 is the latest major version in the Mobiscroll lineup with the first beta released in April, 2020. It is a complete rewrite compared to v4 following a different approach for how major releases were handled.

This time around we didn't wait until all products are rebuilt from the ground up in v5 for a final release. We decided to start with the form elements, the event calendar, date pickers and add brand new functionality like scheduling and drag & drop. This way we can impact more people and solve problems we really wanted to tackle for a long time.

We didn't forget about existing customers who are using a wider range of Mobiscroll products either. That's why we created this guide on how to use the new components from Mobiscroll 5 along with components from Mobiscroll 4. As for what's coming, we will be rebuilding more v4 components and add new features to v5 in the coming months.

Now that we have that out of the way let's see what is available in v5 and what is available only in v4.


Mobiscroll 5

Only in Mobiscroll 4


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