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Core concepts and using Mobiscroll
Using Mobiscroll with Ionic Appflow
Using Mobiscroll with Ionic Appflow

How to install Mobiscroll if you are using Ionic Appflow

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Installing Mobiscroll in your Ionic app

You can use the CLI or directly grab Mobiscroll for Angular from NPM for your Ionic apps. The CLI installation method is completely compatible with the Appflow.

2. Manual Install:

Download Mobiscroll and manually install it in your app. You will find a step-by-step guide in the documentation

Deploying your app to Ionic Appflow if you used the CLI installation method

This is the common error that you will see:

npm ERR! code E404 
npm ERR! 404 Not Found: @mobiscroll/angular@xxx

To solve it do the following:

 An .npmrc  file with the Mobiscroll auth tokens should be present in the project's root directory in order to the private npm package could authenticate on the Ionic server. The mobiscroll config  cli command should generate this .npmrc file by default.

If you don't find the .npmrc file in your project's root directory, check the following folder for  a global .npmrc: 

  • $HOME/   on Mac and Linux

  • Users/{Username}/  on Windows. 

If the global file exists then delete the Mobiscroll related auth tokens from it. After this you can re-run the mobiscroll config command in your project and push the newly generated file to your repo. Before running the config command make sure that you are running the latest Mobiscroll CLI locally. You can update the CLI with the  npm install -g @mobiscroll/cli  command.

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