You can install Mobiscroll with the help of the CLI or load it directly from NPM.

Using the CLI

The Mobiscroll CLI can be downloaded from NPM and was designed to help with configuring your projects and easily install the assets. The CLI supports installation and configuration for every supported framework. 

Install the CLI 

$ npm install -g @mobiscroll/cli

Run mobiscroll config in the root folder of your app

$ mobiscroll config ionic

$ mobiscroll config angular

$ mobiscroll config angularjs

$ mobiscroll config javascript

$ mobiscroll config jquery

$ mobiscroll config react

Enter the email address or user name and password of your Mobiscroll account when prompted. You can change or update credentials it in your account.

Using NPM

You will have to log in and assign the @mobiscroll scope to the mobiscroll npm registry. Use your user name and password that can be updated in your account.

$ npm login --registry= --scope=@mobiscroll

Install the package that you want to use

  • Javascript: $ npm install @mobiscroll/javascript 
  • jQuery: $ npm install @mobiscroll/jquery  
  • Angular JS: $ npm install @mobiscroll/angularjs  
  • Angular: $ npm install @mobiscroll/angular  
  • React: $ npm install @mobiscroll/react 

NOTE: NPM support is available for Framework and Complete licenses.

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