Installing Mobiscroll in your Ionic app

1. NPM/CLI Install (Recommended):

You can use the CLI or directly grab Mobiscroll for Angular from NPM for your Ionic apps. 

2. Manual Install:

Download Mobiscroll and manually install it in your app. You will find a step-by-step guide in the documentation. By manually installing Mobiscroll, the private npm registry issue with Ionic Pro won't occur.

Deploying your app to Ionic Pro & Ionic View if you used the CLI installation method

While Ionic Pro does not work with private npm registries at the moment, Mobiscroll can be definitely deployed to it.

This is the common error that you will see:

npm ERR! code E404 
npm ERR! 404 Not Found: @mobiscroll/angular@xxx

To solve it do the following:

Instead of using mobiscroll config ionic  you can use mobiscroll config ionic-pro . The difference between the two commands is when configuring for ionic pro, the package will be downloaded and the reference in package.json  will point to the downloaded tgz instead of the npm package. The drawback in this case is that whenever you'd like to update Mobiscroll to the latest version, you'll need to re-run mobiscroll config ionic-pro  instead of just calling npm install  like you normally would do.

This is what happens in the background when calling mobiscroll config ionic-pro, which of course you can do manually as well:

  1. If you used NPM or CLI installation, you will have to export Mobiscroll before deployment. Make sure to run: npm pack @mobiscroll/angular the a new package file: mobiscroll-angular-xxx.tgz will get generated in the root folder.
  2. In the package.json  look for the following line "@mobiscroll/angular": "^xxx" and change it to "@mobiscroll/angular": "file:./mobiscroll-angular-xxx.tgz"

NOTE: This is a known limitation of Ionic Pro at the moment that will be hopefully solved soon. We urge you to reach out to them as well and ask for this feature 😉

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